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The Hostile Realms ™ MEC Medical Console kit is now available in ur store as a pre-order and the kits will be ready in a few weeks time. We are casting 50 Kits in our first production run so if you want to ensure your order, please do visit our Store.

Medical Console Screen samplesWe’re assembled one of the early sample kits and given it a medical paint job. This kit features the Alien Dall screen-printed panels, but you can choose the human option if you prefer when you place your order. The photo’s below do not include the optional LED Lighting kit for the Medical Console, but more on this can be found on our blog if you are interested.

The side boxes on either side of the kit come with many variants – Electronics Panel; Tool Kit; Deep Bin; and Shallow Bin – and you can choose to show the cover of the box closed or open. In the photo below, you can see the box on the right hand side is open with the Electronics Panel and if you purchase the kit with the lights option, you can light this with Fibre Optic.

MedConsole_4Here is the kit from the reverse side, and you can see the open boxes with the flexible rubber tube for the mains power feed, that goes into the back of the Medical Console.MedConsole_20

The front of the kit features ventilation and the core control unit for the Medical Console so it can control up to 10 MECS70-B Stasis Pods at one time.MedConsole_15

Here is the open side box in more detail and you can see, at the rear of the Console, 4 stabiliser parts that hold the mains power cable in place.MedConsole_19

In this photo, you can see the main touchscreen keyboard panel which is the lower screen. This will be lit from the interior if you have the LED Lighting Kit and a small magnetic switch is hidden in the assembly frame – underneath the silver panel shown in this picture. Tapping this area with your magnetic key card will activate the various lighting effects.MedConsole_6

MedConsole_2The design of the Medical Console has been done to ensure that it matches the style of design of the MECS70-B Stasis Pod. Details and areas on the Console – such as the paneling – has been copied so that if you choose to order both kits together for a diorama, they are part of the same range of kits.

The kit is around 120mm tall when assembled and comes with a 1:24 scale doctor figure that will also be available in our store as a separate item to purchase. We’ll be uploading some photo’s of the doctor figure as soon as he has been painted and assembled.


We do hope you enjoy these picture and more high-res versions can be found in our Gallery.


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