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Miniatures used to be my focus in the model building hobby, I occasionally get the itch to build and paint a few between giant robots and anime ladies.
On a recent trip to see family I stopped by GW headquarters and came across this figure.

Painted with a combination of Citadel and Vallejo paints I am fairly pleased with the results. The red robe came out well. I used Zenithal shading, this is where you use an airbrush to prime the figure first in grey, then spray from below black to create shadows and from above at an angel with white to create highlights. Finally, from directly above with white again, when you apply your basecoat you will see that a lot of the shading and highlights are already done. Some layer and edge highlighting was then applied and a wash of Agrax Earthshade from Citadel to tie it all together.

It’s a very intricate figure and had to be painted in subassemblies, many of the arms and mechanics shown would make it difficult to get to the details underneath.

Belisarius came in a box set with 4 other miniatures which I will be getting to in between other projects.

Now, back to building a Gundam!




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