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From Revell we have the Imperial Star Destroyer.

This kit is a snap fit kit aimed and a younger audience. The kit includes light and sound and is ready to be snapped together out of the box, no cutting parts off the sprues.

It took all of 15 minutes to build the kit. And I was pleasantly surprised by the detail of the kit out of the box. 16 inches long and 9 wide it is impressive in it’s size for the price.

Now for us modelers who want to go the extra mile we can make something a bit better with this kit.

First I tackled the “landing gear”. I glued them shut and filled the gaps around them with filler and styrene sheet, panels lines needed to be re-scribed on the rear feet.

I then cut many, MANY tiny bits of styrene and added them to the ship for extra detail.

Off cuts of plastic was then added to some Tamiya Extra thin glue. This made a plastic putty that was used on the few gaps on the bridge and superstructure.

The model was primed and pre-shaded and primed again before a mix of Tamiya Sky grey, flat white and buff was painted all over the model. It was given a all over wash with Nuln Oil from Citadel and then given another coat of the base colour.

Adding more white to the base mix I highlighted the model then picked out some panels with dark sea grey.

Details were picked out with a more precise application of Nuln Oil.

And with 2 coats of satin varnish it was done. A nice build to kick off 2017 with.



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