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Adam Courville has entered his 1:32 scale Moebius Models Fantastic Voyage Proteus.

It was also known as the U-91035 featured in the 1966 film. I built the subject clean to appear just before it began the crew’s mission. Proteus measures approximately 16 inches in length. The sub was built with the VooDoo FX lighting kit and additional LEDs to light the interior and top dome ring. The crew figures are resin casts from Jimmy Flintstone, painted with Tamiya acrylics(The same paints were used on the hull and interior). The hull was left to display the interior by leaving the top half unglued and secured with rare earth magnets. Lighting is powered by a rechargeable 9-volt battery hidden behind the right intake. The switch is accessible from the bottom hatch. The lines of the model represent the original prop quite well.

This entry will be entered in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Ships and Vehicles all Scales category.

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