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Andrew Prentis has entered his Round 2/MPC Eagle Cargo Transporter, nominally 1:48 scale, with a scratch built base in the 2018 MOTY Contest. It has LEDs which flash in various places – there is a video in this article that shows these in action.

It was painted using paint usually used on cars, in particular, Ford Diamond White, which was decanted from the aerosol can so it could be used in an airbrush and also be available to touch up using a brush. The multi-colored panels were all masked and sprayed, but lots of lining decals were used for the stripes around various beams. The engines and other metallic pieces were painted with Alclad metallic paints.

The base was scratch built from a piece of expanded polystyrene insulating tile and coated with claycrete and railway modeling ballast. Nuclear waste silo cover was built from plastic card. The batteries to power the lights are hidden under the structure with 2 domes in the corner which is held onto the base with small magnets, and there is an on/off switch beside it.

This build will be entered in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Dioramas all scales category.

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