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David Lazenby has entered his custom X-Wing Fighter diorama in the 2018 SciFiantasy MOTY Online Contest.

Hasbro Conversion!
I used the company Falcon 3D printed parts for the engines cannons and cockpit. I also scratch built parts for the greebles on the wing and fuselage and added a scratch built the power generator.
There are three separate FX boards running the light effects two arc welders, power generator and cockpit lighting FX.
It has a soundboard that plays the theme tune! With two voltage regulators running the show.
A 1:18th pit crew makes up the workers and the droids. Everything, on the base, is scratch built!

David’s build will be entered in the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Dioramas all scales category.

Kenny Conklin

I have been building models since I was about 8 years old. As many of us did, I picked up the hobby from my father. Without him, I would probably have never known this great hobby. I like to build everything from Military Models to Starships. Right now my passion is to build and light science fiction models.