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Lee Chambers has entered his Terminator Diorama in the SciFiantasy 2018 MOTY Online Contest. Here is what Lee has to say about his build.

These were the kits that were used for the diorama 1/35 Horizon Aerial Hunter Killer and 1/32 Pegasus T-800 Endoskeletons Diorama

The Aerial Hunter Killer kit that was used in the diorama is a vinyl kit. I painted the ship with Alclad chrome and AK extreme metal polished aluminum, I also used diluted Indian ink mixed with a drop of washing up liquid to add weathering, I used Tamiya weathering master burnt blue and oil stain brushed over the lower engine cowls. For the diorama landscape, I used bits from my scrap and spare box. I wanted to give the impression that metal had been melted and fused together, so I used molten wax dripped over the steel girders, then once it was primed and painted I dry brushed it, also this was my first attempt at using pigments. For the Endoskeleton Terminators, I used Tamiya Black X-1, Molotow Liquid Chrome, and various dark earth pigments. I dry brushed the skulls using Tamiya XF-55. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of a complete chrome overall finish, I wanted to break up the surface detail and use chrome only as a highlight, so I used metal foil tape on certain parts and for the high lights I used a 2mm Molotow liquid chrome pen. I also illuminated the Aerial Hunter Killer, I had decided to use an RC aircraft navigation lighting set that I had in my spare box, it had 2 front headlights, 2 white strobe lights, and 2 slow blinking red anti-collision lights. I also used a small white SMD to light the forward lower cannon gun and the 2 rear guns.

Kenny Conklin

I have been building models since I was about 8 years old. As many of us did, I picked up the hobby from my father. Without him, I would probably have never known this great hobby. I like to build everything from Military Models to Starships. Right now my passion is to build and light science fiction models.