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Lee Chambers has entered his Bride Of Frankenstein Diorama in the SciFiantasy 2018 MOTY Online Contest. Here is what he has to say about his build.

Polar Lights The Bride of Frankenstein Diorama

I am not sure of the exact scale, but I’m almost certain it’s around 1/10. I made the castle walls out of polystyrene blocks covered with PVA glue and tissue paper to add strength. For the paints, I used various craft acrylic paints and I used some Tamiya paints for some of the wood effects and some metaliser paints for dry brushing over various electronic conductors. My diorama also shows a cutaway of the laboratory which includes all of the wacky mad scientist gadgets that were similar to those in the movie. I added a plasma ball to enhance the laboratory effects even more and I used RGB LED’s that gave various lighting effects to the laboratory props inside the castle. The main prop above the Bride was called the cosmic diffuser, which I scratch built from various spare parts in my spares box.

Kenny Conklin

I have been building models since I was about 8 years old. As many of us did, I picked up the hobby from my father. Without him, I would probably have never known this great hobby. I like to build everything from Military Models to Starships. Right now my passion is to build and light science fiction models.