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Mark Dunmore has entered his RGM-96 Jesta in the SciFiantasy 2018 MOTY Online Contest. Here is what Mark had to say about the build.

From the anime Gundam Unicorn, we have the Master Grade RGM-96 Jesta.
The Jesta is a high-performance special operations mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics to escort and support the RX-0 Gundam Unicorn.
I have built a fair few Gundam kits and as far as construction and stability go this is one of the best kits in the Master Grade line in my opinion.
The build is quick and easy with no problems as we have all come to expect from Bandai. Articulation and stability are impressive, as can be seen in the photos I had to kit balanced on one foot! There is space for a Bandai LED in the head as well to light up the visor. In the Anime the Jesta can use a Base Jabber unit for transportation.
Unfortunately, at the time of writing there is only one way of getting a Master Grade scale unit and that is with the full armour Unicorn set, hopefully Bandai will put one out in the future.
The kit comes with stickers and dry rub transfers. This is probably the only negative with the kit. I had to go after market for a set of waterslide decals.
I used the “Gunk wash” technique on the kit. Using Abteilung 502 Starship Filth oil paint applied to the whole kit over a gloss coat and removing it with a lint-free cloth to do the panel lines and add a very light weathering effect.

A fun and straight forward build, highly recommended for anyone’s first MG kit or as nice stress free build.

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