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Getting my hands on the 1/24 Aoshima DeLorean was great luck. (Normally this would have to be ordered out of Japan, but I was able to find one at a local hobby store). The 1/24 Aoshima DeLorean model kit is basically the Back To The Future Part 2 flying DeLorean repackaged. To make is the BTTF3 version, Aoshima provided inserts to replace the hover conversion mechanism. They also provided the 1955 hood mounted Time Circuits, rims and white wall tires and Railway wheels. I opted to go with the DeLorean as seen with the white wall tires. The biggest reason for this is that the diameter of the supplied railway wheel is just too large. Also, with the axle inserts, the car sits slightly higher in the front. With that stance making the 1955 version just made sense. To get started I painted the Body Testors Model Master Acrylic Steel. For the head/taillight fascia, I used Tamiya Metallic Grey. The Chasis was painted Model Master Acrylic Flat Black. The next step required a steady hand with a paintbrush!

I used Model Master Acrylic Flat White to paint the white walls. For the rims, I used Model Master Acrylic Insignia Red. However, for the rims, I had to be careful not to get paint on the chrome center cap. The wiring that runs around the wheel wells is molded into the body. I had considered sanding it off and replacing it all. Instead, I opted to paint it black and sub-assemble it with some magnet wire painted red and yellow. For the big ‘sockets’ I painted them a blueish/gray initially but then changed it to a darker gray (Model Master Acrylic Medium Gray). The panels on the socket assemblies and the grilles that run around the front bumper and the rear quarter panels were painted Tamiya Chrome Silver.I also used the Chrome silver to paint the fascia around the headlights.

For the interior, I used Model Master Acrylic Light Ghost Grey for the base and Dark Ghost Grey for some accent panels. Assembly was pretty straight forward, but I used A LOT of magnet wire to increase the level of detail. A note to anyone building this kit, trim the time circuit display decals as close as possible. If you don’t, the excess left around the decal can make it a real challenge to get them laid down.

The Flux capacitor was a real challenge. The kit part isn’t particularly accurate and is low on detail. I painted it as close as possible to the on-screen look and added some magnet wire to finish off the detail.The reactor pit was pretty much just detail painting, though I once again added magnet wire to step up the level of detail. The final step was to give it a bit of weathering. I opted to give it the look it had after it‘landed’in 1885. DUSTY! I used weathering powders because I find them easy to use and they’re applied with a brush. I don’t know the specific brand but I bought them from the model railway section of my local hobby shop.

To simulated the red dust I used the light rust powder. I have to say, I’m very happy with the results. I hope you enjoyed reading about my build up of the 1/24 Aoshima DeLorean from Back To The Future 3.

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