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SciFiantasy - Tomb Guardians

If you haven’t heard of Tom Guardians you should check them out. They produce a line of 28 mm tabletop gaming figures. And, these figures are very cool and sculpted very well. I know this because I am lucky enough to have one of their figures.

This month Tomb Guardians is running a 20% off sale on their website. Obviously, they are feeling the love in February! If you go to there site and use the coupon code Cupid1920 at check out you will receive the discount.

Also coming March 12, 2019 will be their next Kickstarter Campaign.

SciFiantasy - Tomb Guardians

Here is what the crew over at Tomb Guardians has to say about their next campaign.

Tomb Guardians Miniatures is proud to announce “Queen of the Damned – Velrath’s Vampires” as our next Kickstarter. Tomb Guardians Miniatures is raising funds to support the release of 20 outstanding Vampire Heroes and Undead 28-mm Fantasy miniatures. Join us and help raise “The Queen of the Damned – Velrath’s Vampires” and her undead army. The money raised will be used to support production, distribution, and future design of miniatures with renown artists such as Jason Wiebe, Bobby Jackson and Patrick Keith. We are excited to bring these 28mm miniatures to life.

Don’t forget to go over to to check out their February sale and while you are their sign up for their newsletter to keep informed on what is next at Tomb Guardians.

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