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SciFiantasy - Star Wars - Greenstrawberry

Today we are taking a look at the Greenstrawberry 1:2700 scale Star Wars detail set. This set is made for the Zvezda or Revell 1:2700 scale Star Destroyer. This particular aftermarket set is made to replace the Shield Generators for the ship.

The kit number is 5618-1/2700 and this kit comes in a small cardboard box. The contents of the kit are an instruction sheet, 1 PE fret, and a bag with 4 resin cast pieces. The instruction sheet is well laid out. At the top of the instructions is a key to let you know exactly what each symbol represents. The instructions go step by step as to where the pe goes and what parts are to be bent into shape. It is a single sheet and is well laid out and easy to follow along.

The PE fret comes with multiple parts for the kit. The fret includes the antennas for the top dome of the shield generators, the inside braces for underneath the dome, and also the outside braces to support the dome. The pe is finely detailed and will add extra realism to the build. Some of the parts are very small and care should be taken when removing them from the fret.

The last bag in the package comes with 4 resin cast parts. Two of the parts are the bases for the shield generator and the other two are the shield generators themselves. The bases are finely cast and have a pour-stub at the bottom that will need to be removed. The shield generators are cleanly cast and are a welcome addition to the kit with the detail Greenstrawberry has added. The shield generators also have a pour-stub at the bottom that will have to be removed before assembly.

The kit retails for $19.99 and can be found at the following link–113.html

We would like to thank Lukáš Zátopek and Greenstrawberry for sending over the product for review.

If you are interested in this or other Greenstrawberry products please visit their link at

And here are some photos from Greenstrawberry with the pieces in use.

You can find the video review by following this link



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