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SciFiantasy - Filmy's Girls - Allura

So scurrying around the web to see what is new I stumbled upon a post by Filmy’s Girls. They announced there will be a new figure in the line of beautiful pin-up girl figures they produce. The newest beautiful lady will be Allura. Here is what Filmy’s Girls had to say about the upcoming release and as we hear of more news we will bring it to you!

Filmy’s Girls is proud to introduce the newest member of our line of space babe pinup kits, Allura!

Allura has been an explorer since childhood. While most of her schoolmates were playing with Barbies and tea sets, she and her two best friends – Stella and Daphne – roamed the nearby woods in search of adventure, often returning home after dark with a rucksack full of bugs and critters.

After graduating from Chelsea Bonestell High School, Allura, Daphne, and Stella enrolled in Roddenberry University, where they each earned Ph.Ds in Applied Physics, Celestial Mechanics, and Aerospace Engineering. All three joined the Intergalactic Space Patrol and set off to explore the universe.

Allura is based on a concept by Filmy, beautifully painted by long-time Filmy’s collaborator and German pinup artist extraordinaire Simon Eckert, and sculpted by none other than the Brazilian master himself, Roberto von Behr!

Allura will be lovingly crafted in 1/5 scale, and will include a laser-cut acrylic plexiglass ring in the base so that the modeler can light the kit.

We hope you enjoy this preview, and please tell your friends and leave your thoughts and comments below!


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All photos are copyright of Filmy’s Girls – Futuristic Retro, LLC

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