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SciFiantasy - Paint Be Gone

As I was browsing social media today I stumbled upon a product I have never seen before. The product is Paint Be Gone which is used for… you guessed it stripping your builds. I watched their video on their facebook page to get a look and it looks like a promising product. What I like the most it is advertised as safe for handling. Which is a very good thing especially with what modelers use such as brake fluid, oven cleaner, and even Super Clean can be harmful to us.

At the moment Paint Be Gone’s website is under construction and they are working on getting the product into the US. If you are looking to find out more about Paint Be Gone you can check out their official page by searching @officialpaintbegone on Facebook or you can just follow this link

Also if you are going to be at Adepticon this year you can check them out and their product out at the show. Here is what they had to say on their social media page

A stripper party like you have never seen before!

Catch @OfficialPaintBeGone at Adepticon 2019 happening in Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel at BOOTH # 907, Schaumburg Foyers for a once in a lifetime stripping experience.

1. Bring a 28mm base model and we will paint strip it for you! FREE!
2. Register before the event. Click link to register:
3. 100 Registrants only. (Approximate waiting time 15-30mins.)
4. 1 28mm model per person only.

Games and exciting prizes awaits you soon! Dont forget to follow us on instagram and our facebook page.

So if you are going and want your mini stripped be one of the first 100 registrants at their booth!

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