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Today I took a look at the Greenstrawberry Exterior PE set for the 1:72 scale PG Millennium Flacon from Bandai. The set comes in a resealable plastic wrapping with a hard cardboard backing, 1 sheet of photoetch, and instructions.

The directions come in a fold out booklet. At the top of the instruction sheet, there is a photo of the contents of the kit. This leads to the key to advise you of what the symbols in the instruction sheet mean. Then from there, the instructions lead you step by step to where the parts go on the ship. The instructions are well laid out and easy to follow.

The pe sheet comes with 46 parts that you can add onto you build. The set includes many extras such as added detail for the exhaust vents at the rear of the ship. Not only has Greenstrawberry replaced the grills with finer detailed ones but they also added detail for underneath the grills themselves. Also added is the band that goes around the exterior of the cockpit. This is a delicate piece that you will need to take care in bending to the correct position around the part. Other parts in the kit include added vents for around the perimeter of the ship, brackets for the escape pods, rings for the front lighting, and also pe parts for near the missile tubes down the front channel of the ship.

Overall the quality of the detail is very nice and would be a nice addition to your build. The pe is cleanly cut and labeled for ease of use. Here are some pictures of the pe that I took at the workbench.

For the video unboxing of this product please follow this link


And here are the photos from Greenstrawberry

Kit Number – 06318-1/72

Price – $22.57

For this kit please follow this link–127.html

For Greenstrawberry’s Official site please follow this link

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