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SciFiantasy - Tomb Guardians

Velrath’s Vampires Kickstarter is Now Live!

To help back this Kickstarter or get more information please click the link below.

Help raise Velrath, Queen of the Damned, and her army of Vampire Heroes and Undead. Each 28 mm white metal miniature was sculpted by renowned artists Jason Wiebe, Bobby Jackson, and Patrick Keith.

In addition to the superior quality, design, and materials used to produce these figures, Tomb Guardians also offers a 5-year guarantee on every miniature. If your miniature breaks it will be replaced for free!

I can tell you first hand that the Tomb Guardian miniatures are beautifully sculpted and are excellently cast. I have the original Hobgoblin from the first Kickstarter. The amount of detail in a 28 mm figure is incredible and definitely worth the buy. Last Thursday Metalhead Minis had special Twitch Broadcast where we were able to see the new minis and hear from the Tomb Guardian team. This set of figures is highly detailed as the first.

If you are interested in the Tomb Guardian line of minis make sure you click the link above. There is a lot more information especially about pricing, stretch goals, production and more!

Here are just a few pictures of what you can find on the Tomb Guardians Kickstarter.

This is just a small sample of what is available on the Kickstarter if you missed the link at the top of the page here it is again for you!

And, don’t forget if you missed out on the first Kickstarter you can find more Tomb Guardians products on their official website which can be found by following this link




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