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In this article, we are going to take a look at the second set of PE in Fruit Pack for the Bandai 1:72 scale Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon. The Fruit Packs on Greenstrawberry or sets of PE bundled together with a discount. The second set in the Fruit Pack is YT-1300 Millennium Falcon Landing Gear. This is kit number 06418-1/72.

As always the pe comes packaged in a clear resealable plastic bag with a hard cardboard backing to keep the pe from bending. In this set, you get a set of instructions and two sheets of pe for the landing gear.

The instruction sheet is a fold-out booklet clearly printed for ease of reading. The top of the sheet shows you what comes in the kit and after that goes to the key so you know what the call outs are. After the call outs, the instructions go into how to bend the parts and where to use them. The instructions are well laid out so you should not have a problem seeing how the parts go together and where they go on the model.

On the first sheet of pe labeled A there are 22 parts all together laid out from number two to twenty-seven.  The sheets are not in sequential order and you will need to go between sheets for specific parts. Sheet A includes the larger parts for the landing gear bay doors, parts for the cargo ramp, and a few smaller parts for the landing gear themselves.

The second sheet of pe labeled B there are 32 parts all together laid out from number one to twenty-five. Again this sheet is not in sequential order and you will need to go between sheets to build specific parts. This sheet includes parts for the landing gear feet and smaller parts for the landing bay doors.

All of the photoetch is highly detailed and etch very well on the sheets. There is no distortion of parts, broken parts or any parts that are overly thick. This is not a beginner set and you should have the knowledge of and some pe bending under your belt before taking this kit on. You should also have a good pe bender to get good crisp bends when working with this pe. This set will definitely enhance the parts of the build they are meant for.

For a video unboxing of this pe set please follow this link

These are pictures of the actual set that you saw in the video. A video is harder to show the detail so we have decided to show you still pictures of the set so you get a more informed article that will hopefully help you make your decision.

Next up are the photos from Greenstrawberry showing the pe in use

Kit Number 06418-1/72

Price – $28.65

For this kit please follow this link–128.html

For the Fruit Pack Please follow this link–140.html

For Greenstrawberry’s Official site please follow this link

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