SciFiantasy - Dirk The Daring - NY3DCreations


Dragon’s Lair is a video game franchise created by animator and film director Don Bluth. The series is famous for its western animation-style graphics and convoluted decades-long history of being ported to many platforms and being remade into television and Read more…

SciFiantasy - ARK II


Hey guys….well here’s the completed Ark II model and display base. The model is a 1/72 kit from Larson Designs. I converted some Hasegawa 1/72 figures for the crew and purchased a 3D printed Roamer from Shapeways to complete the Read more…

SciFiantasy - Filmy's Girls - Allura


So scurrying around the web to see what is new I stumbled upon a post by Filmy’s Girls. They announced there will be a new figure in the line of beautiful pin-up girl figures they produce. The newest beautiful lady will Read more…